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Soul of a Place is a zine celebrating the first 12,365 days of Raven Book Store history, better known as our tenure at 6 and 8 East 7th Street. A deep dive into Raven archives, Soul of a Place features historical photos of the Raven's construction, parties, author events, booksellers, cats, and more, all annotated by Raven curators. The zine also features an essay by the longest-tenured Raven bookseller Kelly Barth, an introduction by current owner Danny Caine, and a contribution from second Raven owner Heidi Raak. Help us celebrate this old building as we prepare to move to a new one!

Full Color throughout
40 pages
62 color photographs
2 essays
1 bookstore

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In late Fall 2020, Raven customers started sending recipes to us via the "order comments" section of their online orders. We're not sure why it started but we sure loved it. This zine is the first volume in a series of mini-cookbooks collecting these recipes. 

29 recipes, all contributed by Raven customers, from the easy to the weird. Including, but not limited to:

  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Vinegar Taffy
  • Two chili recipes
  • Something called "Frog Butt Dip"

$2 from the sale of every zine will go to Just Food Kansas to feed those in need this holiday season. 

A 16-page zine serving as a quick introduction to the struggles facing the USPS and why it needs to be saved. Much is at stake when we discuss the future of the USPS, including live-saving medications, the democratic process, millions of jobs, and the fate of any small business trying to compete in the big-tech-dominated online marketplace. This new zine by Raven owner Danny Caine briefly explains these issues and offers suggestions for steps forward as the USPS faces an assault by President Trump and his disruptive, unqualified postmaster. Each zine will be sent via USPS, and buying postage is the best way to support the USPS. Further, $1 from every retail sale of the zine will go to buying stamps which the Raven will distribute for free.

Release date: August 29, 2020

For bookstore wholesale orders, email raven@ravenbookstore.com for information. 

A 16-page black & white zine by Raven owner Danny Caine detailing the case against Amazon and how consumers can reisist Amazon's dominance. Select "Zine Shipping" at checkout and ship up to 100 zines for $0.99.