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The Glow: A Novel By Jessie Gaynor Cover Image
The Glow

Gaynor’s The Glow is a whirlwind of a novel tackling capitalism, beauty, and wellness culture. When an insecure Jane makes a desperate attempt to save her PR job to pay off medical debt, she finds herself at the Fortpath retreat with the captivating Cass. Jane can neither dismiss the power of Cass’s orbit nor fully believe in the organic manifestation dream she sells. Gaynor’s storytelling creates a rich story of characters all dealing with their own “life path.” Through flowy shapeless clothing, bone broth, and meditation, The Glow critiques the wellness industry while poking at the capitalist bear underneath. Recommended by Nikita

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Warrior Girl Unearthed By Angeline Boulley Cover Image
Warrior Girl Unearthed

An Afro-Indigenous girl takes the repatriation of stolen ancestors and artifacts into her own hands in Angeline Boulley’s thrilling follow-up to Firekeeper’s Daughter. Underestimated by those in power and infuriated by institutional red tape, Perry and her friends must decide if it’s better to take shortcuts or to play by the book—which will bring their relatives home safely? Set in 2014, this story is tightly woven with the ongoing crises of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit People and violence against Black Americans. Read this, then take action! Recommended by Mary

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Perfect Villains (Bad Princesses #1) By Jennifer Torres Cover Image
Perfect Villains (Bad Princesses #1)

This is definitely a book for little girls who like to be different. I think everyone has that phase of “I’m not like other girls” and this book caters to that feeling. Two princesses start a Harry Potter like school for princesses and want to be transferred to the evil school. They start planning schemes to show how evil they are. Sadly, they are not actually evil. A sweet story of little girls playing with frogs, talking to birds, and being interested in ants over dresses. Recommended by Sameah

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The Wind Knows My Name: A Novel By Isabel Allende, Frances Riddle (Translated by) Cover Image
The Wind Knows My Name

A moving story of tragedy, loss, courage, and love told by a master storyteller. Allende brings to life unforgettable characters, immersing her readers in her skillful prose. Samuel escaped Nazi-controlled Austria in 1938. Leticia was carried from war-torn El Salvador on her father’s back in 1982. And in 2019, Anita and her mother fled El Salvador to escape attacks by a violent man. Allende weaves in and out through the stories of these three refugee children, expertly drawing us in to each of their lives until the threads ultimately intertwine in California in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recommended by Nancy

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The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich (A Graphic Novel) By Deya Muniz Cover Image
The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Do you love cheese? Do you love queer comics? Do you love "Twelfth Night"? Well then, Deya Muniz has the graphic novel for you! The art is beautiful, crisp, and colorful. The characters are funny, different, and relatable. The plot is a classic, told a hundred times, but with such a bold narrative, I could read it a hundred more times. And every name is cheese. Camembert is only a daughter and cannot inherit her father's estate. She dresses as a man and moves to the city, where hopefully no one will know of who she used to be. There, she meets Princess Brie- an activist, a politician, a fashion lover. They become fast friends and Cam must sit with her feelings that can never be revealed. The tropes in this are some of my favorites and the very unique setting takes nothing away from the authenticity of the plot. Recommended by Sameah.

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Sejal Sinha Battles Superstorms By Maya Prasad, Abira Das (Illustrator) Cover Image
Sejal & Sinha

A child’s imagination can conquer anything, even a hurricane. Sejal is excited to celebrate Diwali with her family, especially her older cousin, but a hurricane takes out the power to her house. They’re worried they may have to evacuate! So Sejal loads up her magic cardboard box and flies off to stop the hurricane and save the day! Sweet early chapter book so kids that still want to play with stuffed animals and travel around the world in a cardboard box. And if we learn a little extra about hurricanes on the way, we’re all the better for it. Recommended by Sameah

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Codex Black (Book One): A Fire Among Clouds By Camilo Moncada Lozano, Angel De Santiago (Colorist) Cover Image
Codex Black

Endearing, exciting, engaging! I can’t get enough of this graphic novel and cannot wait for the next in the series! What a beginning! Donaji is a small village hero ready for a quest. Itzcacalotl is a wannabe warrior in a lot of trouble. They’ll travel around the jungle looking for Donaji’s father and running into monsters along the way. Truely a fresh and new coming of age story full of gods, mysteries, and teenage arrogance. The art, the tone, and the characterization are all so well done and fit together in a very cohesive and memorable story. And this reminded me of Inuyasha in the best possible way. Recommended by Sameah

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Murder Before Evensong: A Canon Clement Mystery By The Reverend Richard Coles Cover Image
Murder Before Evensong

The new witty gem of a mystery series that British readers have already savored has landed in the Unite States. Murder Before Evensong introduces Canon Clement, a rector in the small parish of Champton St. Mary, who is doing his best to tend the small group of souls under his care. When he announces plans to install a lavatory in the back of the church, which would necessitate the removal of a couple of pews, he catches holy hell. Why do these pews matter so much, he wonders?  Could they possibly be connected to the murders of two parishioners supportive of the seemingly benign renovation? I relished following Clement, his mother, Audrey, their two dachshunds, and a host of other wonderfully odd characters in their search for the truth. Himself a rector, Richard Coles has created a detective I hope we see far more of in Canon Clement. Recommended by Kelly

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Batcat By Meggie Ramm Cover Image

Batcat is me. Doesn't want to go outside, plays video games all day, loves tacos, this is me. Batcat is living their best life when a ghost moves in to disturb their whole routine. Now, Batcat is gathering the ingredients to drive away this ghost and accidentally learning about themself. A cute, funny, sweet kids comic about self acceptance and patience for others. Recommended by Sameah

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The Eyes and the Impossible By Dave Eggers, Shawn Harris (Illustrator) Cover Image
The Eyes & the Possible

First thing’s first, the dog doesn’t die—rest assured. This beautiful book contains no tragedy, but it is filled with suspense, adventure, and so much heart. I love Johannes—I love the universe he lives in, where the Sun is God and the bison rule the park. His unique voice—jovial yet pensive—sets the tone for the book as Johannes and his unlikely crew of friends assess the goings-on of their home and devise elaborate (and often humorous) plans when problems arise. With gorgeous artwork speckled throughout, this memorable story is meant to be read over and over. Recommended by Mary