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EIFFEL’S TOWER by Jill Jones

EIFFEL’S TOWER: THE THRILLING STORY BEHIND PARIS’S BELOVED MONUMENT AND THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD’S FAIR THAT INTRODUCED IT by Jill Jonnes is delightful and enlightening. The reader is treated to the background and inside story behind this engineering marvel in the context of late 19th century France and the upstart Americans.
Eiffel's Tower: The Thrilling Story Behind Paris's Beloved Monument and the Extraordinary World's Fair That Introduced It Cover Image
ISBN: 9780143117292
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Published: Penguin Books - April 27th, 2010

The story of the world-famous monument and the extraordinary world's fair that introduced it, by the author of Conquering Gotham and Urban Forests


THE TIME TRAVELLER’S GUIDE TO MEDIEVAL ENGLAND: A HANDBOOK FOR VISITORS TO THE FOURTEENTH CENTURY, is a fabulous romp through times unimaginable. Don’t let the first chapter’s rather graphic depiction of overcrowding and the plague put you off. Historian Ian Mortimer is an excellent writer simply preoccupied by how people managed in another time.
The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century Cover Image
ISBN: 9781439112908
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Touchstone Books - October 25th, 2011

Now in paperback, a literary time machine that takes readers into the sights, smells, and tastes of the fourteenth century--a book that is revolutionary in its concept and startling in its portrayal of humanity.


American Made: When FDR Put the Nation to War by Nick Taylor features a remarkable social worker and bureaucratic genius, Harry Hopkins, who headed the largest employment enterprise spearheaded by any government in modern history--the Works Project Administration (WPA).
American-Made: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA: When FDR Put the Nation to Work Cover Image
ISBN: 9780553381320
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Published: Bantam - February 24th, 2009

Seventy-five years after Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, here for the first time is the remarkable story of one of its enduring cornerstones, the Works Progress Administration (WPA): its passionate believers, its furious critics, and its amazing accomplishments.

EVENT: "Jayhawkers: The Civil War Brigade of James Henry Lane" by Bryce Benedict

SEPTEMBER 9 Wednesday 7PM @ THE LAWRENCE PUBLIC LIBRARY Co-sponsored by The Raven READING & SIGNING Bryce Benedict Author Bryce Benedict brings us the first detailed investigation into the activities of the ragtag group of free-state fighters who followed the mercurial U.S.
Jayhawkers: The Civil War Brigade of James Henry Lane Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780806139999
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Published: University of Oklahoma Press - April 10th, 2009

No person excited greater emotion in Kansas than James Henry Lane, the U.S. senator who led a volunteer brigade in 1861-1862. In fighting numerous skirmishes, liberating hundreds of slaves, burning portions of four towns, and murdering half a dozen men, Lane and his brigade garnered national attention as the saviors of Kansas and the terror of Missouri.

The Woman Behind the New Deal by Kirsten Downey

Need a heroine? Trying to understand what the feminist movement was all about? I highly recommend WOMAN BEHIND THE NEW DEAL: THE LIFE OF FRANCIS PERKINS, FDR’S SECRETARY OF LABOR AND HIS MORAL CONSCIENCE by Kirsten Downey. Ms. Perkins was the first woman member of the cabinet.
The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life and Legacy of Frances Perkins--Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, and the Minimum Wage Cover Image
ISBN: 9781400078561
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Published: Anchor Books - February 23rd, 2010

"Kirstin Downey's lively, substantive and--dare I say--inspiring new biography of Perkins . . . not only illuminates Perkins' career but also deepens the known contradictions of Roosevelt's character." --Maureen Corrigan, NPR Fresh Air


The author offers us thoughtful and thorough exploration of Lincoln as an extraordinarily talented writer.
Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer Cover Image
ISBN: 9780060773366
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Published: Harper Perennial - February 2nd, 2010

“Fred Kaplan’s Lincoln offers penetrating insights on Lincoln’s ability to explain complex ideas in language accessible to a broad range of readers and listeners.” — James M. McPherson, The New York Review of Books