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Bath Haus: A Thriller Cover Image
Bath Haus

Bath Haus, the new mystery/thriller by P.J. Vernon, had me turning on lights and checking locks. Oliver and Nathan have hit a rough patch exacerbated by income inequality and sexual doldrums. One trip to a gay bath house, and Oliver has a peccadillo he literally cannot hide. Another patron's attempt to strangle him leaves ugly physical and psychic bruises. In his attempt to involve the police without Nathan knowing, Oliver peels back the first layer of a complex and twisted plot that involves far more than just a one-off attempt on his life. Bath Haus will keep readers riveted until the final shocking paragraphs. Recommended by Kelly

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The Heartbeat of Trees: Embracing Our Ancient Bond with Forests and Nature Cover Image
The Heartbeat of Trees

A followup to his lovely book The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben's The Heartbeat of Trees, takes readers further into the realm of biophilia. Were we to open our senses and spirits to the forest and all that grows within it, he maintains, both we and they would be healed. Full of mind-blowing discoveries and thought experiments about the interrelationships of life forms, this book will send us all outside, the source of our strength and ourselves. Recommended by Kelly

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Ridgeline: A Novel Cover Image

Ridgeline is a riveting fictional retelling of the Fetterman Massecre, a resounding victory of a confederation of western Native American tribes led by Crazy Horse against the invading U.S. Army. Punke's impeccable research, intimate knowledge of the Powder River Basin, and collaboration with Native American scholars and relatives of the participants will fully immerse readers in this historical maelstrom that would change the face of the west forever. Punke crafts a particularly stirring portrayal of the rich tactical instincts and bravery of the Native Americans, which, in their arrogance, the U.S. military foolishly underestimated. Written by the writer of The Revenant. Recommended by Kelly

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The Problem with Pierre Cover Image
The Problem With Pierre

Bertram and Alan are next-door neighbors and good friends. They’re absolute opposites—Bertram is neat as a pin, while Alan keeps his place messy. Bertram feels lonely in his sterile home, so he adopts a cat named Pierre. The problem with Pierre, though, is that he prefers Alan’s house to Bertram’s. When Alan lends Bertram a few of his tattered belongings, Pierre begins to stay at home. But each man is lonely without the cat, and they soon realize that the whole ordeal wasn’t about Pierre after all. This whimsical picture book is a sweet story about connecting with others, despite our differences. Recommended by Mary

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Grasshopper Cover Image

Grasshopper is a beautiful wordless picture book about a little girl who learns how her actions affect those around her. In her backyard, the girl notices many different types of bugs, but when she tries to capture them, she realizes the harm she has caused. A curious cat destroys her terrarium, but perhaps that’s for the best. Nature is meant to be free. This cleverly-illustrated book will inspire kids to preserve the natural world. Recpmmended by Mary

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My Heart Is a Chainsaw Cover Image
My Heart Is a Chainsaw

Jade knows, and loves, slasher films better than anyone. So when strange occurrences begin in Proofrock, she quickly recognizes, with a thrill, that she may be living in a real-life one. Her belief is cemented with the arrival of new-girl-in-town Letha, obviously the slasher final girl. Legend, slasher lore, and human evil merge as the action and suspense intensify. Using this legend and lore, Jones brilliantly lays bare the darkness and the longings of the human soul in this unstoppable, unputdownable thriller. Read it as an exciting thriller or dig deeper. Either way, it is magnificent. Recommended by Nancy

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The Girl from the Sea Cover Image
The Girl from the Sea

Folklore meets modern life in this cute summer romance! Morgan lives on a remote island with her family—her newly divorced mother and angry little brother. She longs for the day when she leaves the island for college and can finally be the person she wants to be. But everything changes when Keltie shows up. Keltie is a selkie—a seal person of Celtic mythology—and while she’s on land, Morgan must learn to balance family, friendships, and a budding romance, while hiding her true colors from everyone but Keltie, who faces problems of her own. This graphic novel will remind young readers of the joy of being oneself. Recommended by Mary

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The Bombay Prince (A Perveen Mistry Novel #3) Cover Image
The Bombay Prince

The third installment of the Perveen Mistry novels, The Bombay Prince, will once again captivate lovers of historical mysteries. During a visit from England's Edward VIII in 1921, a young college student's murder is overshadowed by rioters protesting England's colonial rule. In her role as solicitor with the family firm, Perveen's attempts to serve the murdered woman's family pull her into a muddle of suspects, red herrings, and, ultimately, danger. Series author, Sujata Massey, expertly captures 1920's India with its complex socio-political conflicts further complicated by the changing role of women. This book captivates on multiple levels. Recommended by Kelly

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Nightbitch Cover Image

Rachel Yoder’s Nightbitch envelopes the reader in the wildness of motherhood. After describing herself as the nightbitch, the narrator discovers sharpened canine teeth and hair growing on her neck. Feeling unfilled working as a stay-at-home mom, she finds herself comforted by becoming the wildest version of herself, howling and wearing her hair teased. Yoder draws the reader in with a pairing of the grotesque and the darkly comedic, mixing herb-selling moms from toddler storytime with unabating desires for raw meat. While leaning toward extremes. Nightbitch reveals a decision most people face: living in fear and discontent or embracing their entire authentic self. Recommended by Nikita

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The Way She Feels Cover Image
The Way She Feels

Courtney Cook is a young woman with Borderline Personality Disorder, and The Way She Feels is her illustrated memoir. This book is vital in that it humanizes one of the most commonly misunderstood and highly stigmatized mental illnesses. With extreme vulnerability, alongside humor and grace, Courtney describes the ups and downs of her experience with borderline, from instant love to institutionalization. Her carefully curated illustrations are whimsical and bright, full of emotion. And by the end of the book, she’s gone from compulsive self-harm and suicidality to a blissfully boring life—stable. The Way She Feels beautifully illustrates the incredible strength and perseverance it can take to cope with mental illness. Recommended by Mary