Chaos & Flame Duology Bundle by Gratton and Ireland

SKU: chaosandflamebundle

This bundle is part of the Blood & Fury preorder campaign with local author Tessa Gratton and World Fantasy Award winner Justina Ireland. It includes a hardcover copy of Chaos & Flame (9780593353325) and a hardcover copy of Blood & Fury (9780593353356).

Bundles will be available for pickup in-store starting May 15, 2024. This is also when our ordering team will mail bundle orders designated for shipping.

As part of the preorder campaign, the price of this bundle is discounted 10% from the cost of purchasing both books individually. The discount will only apply if you add this duology bundle product to your cart. It will NOT apply if you add each title individually to your cart.

The Chaos & Flame duology by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland is an epic, romantic fantasy for YA readers. Learn more about Chaos & Flame here, and learn more about Blood & Fury here. To find out more about the preorder campaign, click here!

Price: $35.98