Obsessive Intrusive Magical Thinking

I found myself obsessed with Eloise’s essays from the first couple of pages. Living in a world complicated by ADHD, autism, and OCD, Eloise is similar to me in her ability to obsess past the point of both social norms and her well-being. Obsessive Intrusive Magical Thinking moves between her serenity near water and fascination with Disney naturally. Each essay reveals a bit more about Eloise’s brain, her gears constantly turning on her fear of fire and love of Los Angeles. Her collection is complicated, witty, and relatable, especially to those with brains determined to persevere. Recommended by Nikita

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Published: Icon Books - July 19th, 2022

Obsessive was, still is, my natural state, and I never wondered why. I didn't mind, didn't know that other people could feel at peace. I always felt like a raw nerve, but then, I thought that everyone did.

Writer and journalist Marianne Eloise was born obsessive.