Notes from the Science & Nature Section Archives

Notes from the Science & Nature Section

By Kelly Barth

Literary Potpourri
"Instead of seeing plants as unfeeling matter to be consumed and enslaved, [Calvo] asks us to consider them as sentient beings worthy of our respect and consideration."

Plantastic New Titles
"For this issue of the digest, I’d like to focus on plants since there are a host of new books well worth the plants they’re printed on."

Eager Beavers
"Over the years, Castor canadensis, or the North American beaver, has gotten a bad rap because of its amazing ability to alter a landscape. Both engineers, humans, and beavers have had vastly different ideas about what their habitat should look like, and humans have insisted on their own version, to the detriment of these clever creatures. Thankfully, though, humans have taken another look at Castor canadensis as a partner in ecological restoration and, some say, a crucial ally in our fight against climate change."

Small But Mighty
"There are times, I’ll admit, when I want to find a book giving me a reason to hope for a green future on our tender planet. It’s the side of me that has to be reminded that our injured world is still so replete with beauty it can easily bring me to tears, to my knees, and to my tiptoes to take it in. If that’s where you are in this winter space, the following books will suit you nicely."

Bird Book Reviews
A list of new books for the bird-lover in your life!