Monster Camp

If I were to write a character sheet for Monster Camp by Sarah Henning, under “Features and Traits,” I would be sure to note that this is a monstrously good book full of werewolf and vampire rivalries, stick-on fangs and to-go cups full of punch, kids learning to care for themselves and others, LARPing expertise, REAL fangs with REAL blood in to-go cups, and one of the most touching stories for children I’ve read. Sylvie, a LARPing expert, is tired of being bullied for pretending to be a vampire. When she sneaks into a camp that she thinks is for other LARPers, fully decked out in her vamp costume…she’s got a surprise in store. Because she accidentally infiltrated a camp for REAL monsters and she’s stuck there for the week. Sylvie’s got to put all of her coping mechanisms her therapist taught her to good use and LARP like there’s no tomorrow if she’s going to get through the week. Maybe she’ll even make some friends and learn about being in community with people different than you. MONSTER CAMP is perfect to help middle grade readers be confident in who they are, and help adults who experienced the monster obsession-to-DnD pipeline heal their inner child. Recommended by Wulfe

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ISBN: 9781665930055
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Published: Margaret K. McElderry Books - May 9th, 2023

Ghost Squad meets Hotel Transylvania in this sweetly spooky fish-out-of-water middle grade story about a human girl who must put on the performance of her life when she realizes what she thought was a LARPing summer camp is full of real monsters!

With her stick-on fangs and widow’s peak drawn in waterproof eyeliner, Sylvie is an expert at pretending to be a vampir