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Horror Corner with Nikita & Christina

Horror Corner celebrates the worst nightmares literature has to offer, from pure horror to weird and eclectic fiction. Every month, some of our spookiest booksellers—Nikita and Christina—pick out some of their favorite books and pair them with art and movies to give you the heebie-jeebies...which is why they also pair their selections with cocktails. You need something to help wash the terror down.

April 2024

Featuring girls, interrupted, and the grey space between sanity and hysteria.

February 2024

Featuring media where our heroes are caught in a bad romance.

January 2024

Featuring the ultimate triumvirate of terror, turmoil, and teenage girls.

October 2023

Featuring Nikita's gay vampire picks. Vampires are gay. It's a fact.

September 2023

Featuring Christina's picks for a properly macabre short story September, with zombies, haunted antiques, and tales of a harrowing timber.

August 2023

Featuring body horror that will get under your skin (maybe even literally...)

July 2023

Featuring two of the best subjects out there: feminine rage and aliens.

June 2023

Featuring the creepiest children that haunt our dreams, a throwback to one of creepypasta's worst creations, and enough alcohol to numb the edge of the seemingly neverending stream of paranoia.

May 2023

Featuring folk horror, haunted houses, the pain our own bodies hold, and, of course, dysfunctional families—because what horror story is complete without a little childhood trauma thrown in?

April 2023

Featuring a female character who goes full nightbitch, a vampire who refuses to feed, and a recommended menu of a raw steak with Irish butter. Spoiler alert: The real horror was the mythical morality of eating and weight all along.

March 2023

Featuring a new novella from Cassandra Khaw, media that captures the violence of living on the margins, and a whiskey sour that's perfect for a much-needed reality check.