Fall & Winter 2023 Preorders

See the titles listed in our holiday gift guide here!

Seriously, what feels worse than looking forward to a book coming out for MONTHS and when the day arrives, you can't find any copies on the shelves because everybody else managed to snatch theirs up first? (We're looking at you, Fourth Wing fans. Y'all got hit hard this year when the first print run vanished almost immediately.)

If you haven't experienced this distinct brand of disappointment yet, don't get cocky. It can happen to anyone.

We might sound like a broken record, but still...here's is your monthly reminder that one of the best ways to both support an author you care about and to avoid missing out on books you really want to read is to preorder them! (Plus, it may still be alarmingly hot out but the chill of the holidays will creep in sooner than you think. It will feel extra cold when you don't have the books your loved ones have put on their wishlists…)

In the spirit of protecting you from the emotional low of forgetting to preorder your books, here are some adult titles we're anticipating will be knock-outs! This list absolutely does include the sequel to Fourth Wing, in case you were wondering. Now, say it with us: I promise to preorder my books so I'm not disappointed when release day comes and I don't have a copy.

Very good. We're all on the same page now.