Big Tent

Big Tent Reading: Ching-In Chen, Don Levering, Adam Mills

Ching-In Chen is author of The Heart's Traffic and recombinant and co-editor of The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence Within Activist Communities. A Kundiman and Lambda Fellow, they serve on Thinking Its Presence: Race, Advocacy, Solidarity in the Arts’s Executive Board and teach at Sam Houston State University.

Big Tent Curators' Reading: Danny Caine, Denise Low, Mercedes Lucero, and Jennifer Pacioianu

Danny Caine is an MFA candidate at the University of Kansas. His chapbook, Uncle Harold's Maxwell House Haggadah, is out now from Etchings Press.

Big Tent Reading: Jason Baltazar, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, and Alexis Renee Smith

Jason Baltazar is originally from the Appalachian corner of Maryland. He currently lives in LFK as one third of an equilateral love triangle with his wife and cat. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart and has most recently appeared in Metaphorosis Magazine and The Future Fire.






Big Tent Reading: Stephen Bunch and Judith Roitman

Stephen Bunch has received the Langston Hughes Award from Raven Books and the Lawrence Arts Center and edited/published the little magazine Tellus, 1978-88. His chapbook Preparing to Leave appeared in 2011 and an online chapbook, DisquiEtudes, in 2015. Recently, Woodley Press published Transmissions from Bone House.

Big Tent Reading: Karen Barron and Lesley Wheeler

Karen Barron writes fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction in the Kansas Flint Hills, which she imagines resemble the rolling interior and contours of the creative mind. Her work has been published in New Letters, The Bennington Review, The Little Balkans Review,

Big Tent Reading: Joe Harrington and Mark Jaskowski

Joseph Harrington is the author of Things Come On (an amneoir) (Wesleyan UP 2011); the chapbooks Goodnight Whoever’s Listening (Essay Press 2015) and Earth Day Suite (Beard of Bees 2010); and the critical work Poetry and the Public (Wesleyan UP 2002). He teaches at the University of Kansas.








Big Tent Reading: Diane Glancy, Louise Krug, and Dave Snyder

Diane Glancy is professor emerita at Macalester College.  Her 2014-16 books: The Collector of Bodies, Concern for Syria and the Middle East, Fort Marion Prisoners and the Trauma of Native Education, Report to the Department of the Interior, and three novels, Uprising of Goats, One of Us, and Ironic Witness.   ww

Big Tent Reading: Jeff Griffin, Amy Stuber, and Rebekah Taussig

Jeff Griffin is the author of Lost and (University of Iowa Press, 2013). He holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is currently pursuing his PhD in poetry at the University of Kansas. An associate at Griffin Moss Industries, Inc., he also operates the publishing house Slim Princess Holdings. 




Big Tent: Jacqueline Holland, William Trowbridge and Andrea Warren

Jacqueline Holland is mother to two seriously adorable little boys, Henry and Luca, wife to crotchety, but talented fine art painter, Peter Holland, and, in the scraps of time when she's not busy attending to any of those three high-maintenance divas, she is also pursuing her MFA in creative writing at KU.