Mike Young, Megan Kaminski, Jordan Stempleman: The Blue Turn

The Blue Turn comes to the Raven in Lawrence!
A night of poetry, music, woes, and treasure!


Megan Kaminski
Jordan Stempleman
Mike Young (on tour from Santa Fe, NM)


Hi! My name is Mike Young. I hope you are doing well! Your hair looks exciting! It’s been a while since I did a poetry tour, so I decided to do a ridiculously large tour of poetry and music and woes and treasures.


Well, I got a hat that says Reno on it. My heart turned into this rock I stole from a glacier in Alaska. Almost drove my car into another car with almond orchards on either side of us!

So basically all the usual reasons for a tour of poetry and music and woes and treasures!


I am calling this tour “The Blue Turn,” and the premise is a little bit weirder than a normal tour.

First, I live in Santa Fe, NM, where there is a thing called Zozobra, which is a giant puppet people stuff full of their woes and then burn. I won’t have any burning, but basically I am going to be in a blue car, and I have a tin of woes, and you can get rid of your woes by putting them in my tin.

Second, I am really excited to have a treasure chest for trading: people will be able to put in a lucky charm or a book or CD or zine of theirs and take out something that someone else has put in.

So people in one city might trade for the books/music/art/charms of people from somewhere else. And a sweet circulation will happen across this puffed land.


Yes, I will be normal. Like I will sing some songs and do some poems. I will be making a new EP and chapbook for these.

And of course I will be joining forces with locals to do poems and/or sing as well! In Lawrence, I am excited to be performing with Megan Kaminski and Jordan Stempleman, and I'm excited to eat cheeseburgers at the place you tell me to eat them and not anywhere else!


Megan Kaminski is a poet and essayist. She is the author of two books of poetry, Deep City (Noemi Press, 2015) and Desiring Map (Coconut Books, 2012), with a third book Gentlewomen forthcoming from Noemi Press next year. She is Associate Professor of Poetry Writing and a Keeler Intra-University Professor conducting research on trauma and healing in the School of Social Welfare. She also curates the Taproom Poetry Series in downtown Lawrence. Currently she is working on a book about indeterminacy, attraction, and plant thinking.

Jordan Stempleman is the author of eight collections of poetry including Wallop and No, Not Today (Magic Helicopter Press). He is an assistant professor in the School of Liberal Arts at the Kansas City Art Institute. Stempleman co-edits The Continental Review, one of the longest running online literary magazines devoted to video poetics. He is the faculty advisor for the literary magazine Sprung Formal, curates A Common Sense Reading Series, and in 2013, The Huffington Post listed Stempleman as one of “The Top 200 Advocates of American Poetry.”

Mike Young is the author of two poetry collections: 2014's Sprezzatura and 2010’s We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough, which was selected by readers of The Believer as one of the Top 20 Poetry Books of 2010. He is also the author of the 2010 story collection Look! Look! Feathers, which Publishers Weekly called “relevant, wise, and immensely enjoyable.” In 2015, Black Cake Records released his first album Imagine a Fire You Can Wear as a Coat. Since 2007, he's run a small press called Magic Helicopter, which puts out chapbooks and full length books and interactive art. He lives in Santa Fe, NM, where he makes music with Clementine Was Right.


Please come out and bring treasures! And take treasures! And leave woes! You will get to do these things as well:

You will get to say “You go back”

You will get to sing “I’m outside of Reno”

You will get to write down your woe and pass it to the tin, and forever after you will get to think “I gave the old woe to the blue turn.”

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
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