Magic in Black Indie Spaces: LaKase Cousino in conversation with C.M. Lockhart

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LaKase Cousino presents her thrilling new novel Across the Broken Tide in converation with Written in Melanin owner C.M. Lockart. Join them for a wide-ranging and fascinating conversation about Black indie spaces, speculative literature, magic, and more. 


In a world where the politics of court determines the future of every person in the kingdom, Dima has maneuvered her way not only into the good graces of the caliph as a tutor for his daughters, but into the heart of his son. However, when a prank goes a step too far, the childhood friends are separated in an effort to force them to grow into the people they are expected to become.

When a simple journey turns into a kidnapping, Dima is thrust into a strange land and must rely on a dark magical power that had been long buried in the sands of her home. But as her magic grows stronger and the tides of her new home rise, so do her darker temptations.

Caught between her heart and her magic, she finds herself struggling to choose who she will become. Through interactions with vikings, pirates, magical creatures who only speak in riddles, and forces hellbent on controlling everything she holds dear, Dima must discover who she is beyond the politics of the royal court.


LaKase Cousino is an author of historical fantasy, a musician, and a medieval history obsessive from the Midwest. When not writing, LaKase can be found reading about the 10th century, or playing fetch with the family dog, Ife.

C. M. Lockhart (also known simply as Chelsea) is a writer of romance and fantasy because she loves creating worlds, exploring relationships and writing about Black girls who have more than one side to them. She's been writing since the age of fourteen and it's what she loves to do. Aside from being a writer, she is the owner of Written in Melanin – a brand that came into existence for the sole purposes of publishing and supporting Black authors – which includes Written in Melanin Publishing, the Melanin Library, and the Melanin Chat. She is also a lover of music, video games, and anime, so is known to binge a series or two with her husband whenever she's not reading and writing – or talking about reading and writing.


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Friday, May 28, 2021 - 7:00pm
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ISBN: 9781952978005
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Published: Lakase Cousino - June 1st, 2021

Born in the sands, unmade in the seas.

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