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Parade: A Folktale is the enchanting companion to Strange Weather in Tokyo, a poetic novel by celebrated Japanese author Hiromi Kawakami; Strange Weather in Tokyo was short-listed for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in 2014 and won the Tanizaki Prize in 2001

Parade features Tsukiko, the lead character of Strange Weather in Tokyo, as she tells a childhood story to Sensei on a lazy summer afternoon

A small masterpiece, Parade engages with the tradition of Japanese folktale, using a mythical creature that often appears in the country's folklore to tell a subtle, contemporary story about bullying, pack mentality, passivity, and silence in Japanese schools and culture

In an afterword, the author describes her inspiration for returning to these characters: “What happened to Tsukiko after Sensei died? . . . And if I were to go even further back, to when Sensei was still alive, I wonder how Tsukiko and Sensei really did spend their time, day by day.”

This compact and poignant companion book will delight Kawakami and translation fans in general; the book will be a beautiful object with illustrations from the original Japanese edition, perfectly sized for cashwrap point-of-sale opportunities. The package calls to mind Penguin's Great Ideas Series.

Parade includes sensuous descriptions of Japanese food and traditional food preparation (do not read while hungry)

Parade will resonate with fans of Hayao Miyazaki's film Spirited Away and Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen