A Delhi Obsession

AUDIO BOOK AVAILABLE THROUGH LIBRO.FM: A Delhi Obsession by M. G. Vassanji is a love tragedy worthy of Shakespeare. But for those of us who are not drawn to that genre, it is much more. Vassanji gives us a glimpse into modern-day India with its beauty and turmoil. This complex country serves the perfect backdrop to the complicated yet pure romance of Munir and Mohini. We see the dangers of religious zealotry and fierce nationalism through the lens of this impossible relationship. Vassanji contrasts the perspectives of Mohini, an Indian-born Hindu woman and Munir, a secular Canadian man. The need to label people by religion seems strange and foreign to Munir while being central to Mohini’s world-view. It is the exploration of these different perspectives and the look at modern-day India and her politics and their effects that make this an excellent listen. Recommended by Nancy