Cicada Summer

Cicada Summer by Erica McKeen Within the first pages of Cicada Summer, when McKeen informed me that I was not about to read a novel (yes, I was!), and that I was Husha (no, I’m not!), I felt defensive. My defenses fell almost immediately. I slid down a rabbit-hole with Husha, becoming her, dipping into a warm lake of grief as we came to terms with loss of love together. Trauma can feel dreamy and languid or like a sharp clenched fist. Husha feels it in both ways, sometimes both at once, slowly tumbling into a state of hallucinatory derealization. As the characters in this story read a strange book together, you are reading it with them. You may not be at a lake in the heat, but you’ll still hear cicadas. When you open this book, try to hold on to yourself and try not to be pulled softly into an empathetic mania, because when you open this book you’ll be Husha, too. Recommended by Manda

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ISBN: 9781324073819
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Published: W. W. Norton & Company - June 18th, 2024

A woman, her grandfather, and her lover quarantine in the remote lakeside wilderness—where their world splits apart at the seams.