Phat Cat and the Family - The Colors of Love (Hardcover)

Phat Cat and the Family - The Colors of Love By Allison Perkins-Caldwell, James Rhodimer (Illustrator) Cover Image
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The Colors of Love is a story that empowers children to stick up for themselves, guiding them along the journey of empathy and forgiveness. Phat Cat, Allie, their family, and friends learn about acceptance, showing

vulnerability and the power found in displaying sympathy and understanding while dealing with the meanest boy in school. Allie teaches the bully and her schoolmates a new perspective as they learn about the gifts of kindness, compassion, and a happier way to look at the world around them.

A learning section is also included at the end of the story, inspiring young readers to think critically and be reflective of their story experience. Join Phat Cat and the Family as they learn, grow, and even manage some entertaining mischief

Product Details
ISBN: 9798986914985
Publisher: Allison Perkins-Caldwell
Publication Date: November 16th, 2022
Pages: 70
Language: English