When Universes Bleed (Paperback)

When Universes Bleed By Dj Whipple, La Whipple Cover Image
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You better kill them again.

Teen orphan Amaya Atlas wants to fit in, but every time danger rears its ugly head, something extraordinary happens-her mind melds with her surroundings and she evades the trouble. After years of searching to prove the parents she never knew didn't abandon her, she finally stumbles across a clue. She runs away from the orphanage with her best friend, Spike, to investigate.

When Amaya finds herself being hunted by an unknown assassin with access to otherworldly technology, she rallies a team of misfits to unravel the mystery, stop the assassin and learn why he's out for Amaya's blood.

Meanwhile, defeated and destroyed, ancient demigods secretly return and begin raising an invincible army of the dead. But there may yet be hope...

A half-blood princess of unknown origin.

A boy who refuses to grow up.

A brilliant, geeky girl-pal engineer.

A dashing swordsman suffering from a tragic past.

Is it chance or is someone pulling strings when their paths intersect at the place in time when universes bleed?

Product Details
ISBN: 9798986362700
Publisher: Piroska Publishing
Publication Date: September 16th, 2022
Pages: 356
Language: English