A Legend of Golden Shadows (Hardcover)

A Legend of Golden Shadows By Victoria Vredevoogd, Olivia Niblett (Editor) Cover Image
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The Red Bones started out as just a couple people with bold mouths but have now grown into a well-known rebellion group among Veladis. What started as whispers of Artis blood being a curse from the stars, became discussions over drinks, and in turn, plans to overthrow the court. King Pater's reply was simple.


A Royal Assassin. His Invisible Dagger. The King's Favorite.

I'm the most feared assassin in the nation and nobody knows my first name, what I look like, or even that I'm a girl. No one would ever suspect a castle healer-let alone a twenty-year old female-to be the king's assassin. They don't know what to look for or who to expect, and when I come face to face with them, they always underestimate me. Which in turn ends up with either their heads rolling on the floor, or a knife through their foreheads. My only question... who's leading them?

I never once feared that my identity would be discovered, not until the banished prince made his unwelcome return. Will Prince Bennett discover my secret or does he carry some of his own? My once childhood friend is now the center of all my suspicion. I hope I can trust him, or else he may end up like the rest of my victims... with my dagger to his throat.

You'll love this story if you love these tropes:

Childhood Friends to Enemies to Lovers

Masquerade Ball

One Bed

Knife to Throat

Chosen One

Training Room

Secret Identity

Found Family

Forced Proximity

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218153656
Publisher: Victoria Vredevoogd
Publication Date: June 17th, 2022
Pages: 366
Language: English