Insufficient Evidence (Paperback)

Insufficient Evidence By Susan Kraus Cover Image
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At her very first fraternity party, college freshman Hannah is thrilled with the attentions of Logan, a good-looking senior. They talk and flirt.

And then it all goes very wrong.

Across town, Shelby, a junior, wakes up naked after a date, with no memory of what happened. Therapist Grace McDonald works with both Hannah and Shelby as they try to process their experiences and seek justice. Grace struggles to fully understand college hookup culture and its impact on personal accountability and the legal system. When her drive for truth collides with professional ethics, she goes just a little bit rogue. Insufficient Evidence draws readers into a reality where one word-"Consensual"-or the disclaimer-"It was just a hookup"-undermine all traditional forms of evidence. It's a page-turning psychological thriller, but even more compelling are the relationships that test the limits of friendship, family, loyalty, and revenge.

Author Susan Kraus tackles polarizing social and political issues and makes them personal. Her writing reflects decades of experience as a therapist and mediator and her commitment to hands-on research: fiction meticulously grounded in fact.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781953583291
ISBN-10: 1953583296
Publisher: Flint Hills Publishing
Publication Date: December 24th, 2021
Pages: 364
Language: English