The Mueller Report (Paperback)

The Mueller Report Cover Image
By Robert S. Mueller, Sean Hennessey (Foreword by)
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Politicians and mainstream media have lied to you. Are you going to trust them to give you the report of the century?

The investigation led by Robert S. Mueller III will be twisted by both sides of the political spectrum to fit their own agendas. The only way to combat this spin is to read the report yourself and come to your own conclusions. This publication contains all 400+ pages of the historic report. Decide for yourself what the politicians won't tell you.

This book comes from an independent publisher without ties to any political party. This means you are getting only the facts and none of the bias from mainstream media, unlike other versions of this book. Don't support the political spin machine. Purchase this version and send a message

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ISBN: 9781948467094
ISBN-10: 1948467097
Publisher: Zirconia Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: April 20th, 2019
Pages: 818
Language: English