NASA Apollo Spacecraft Lunar Excursion Module News Reference (Hardcover)

NASA Apollo Spacecraft Lunar Excursion Module News Reference By NASA, Richard C. Hoagland (Essay by) Cover Image
By NASA, Richard C. Hoagland (Essay by)
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Originally created in 1971 by NASA contractor Grumman, the Apollo Spacecraft News Reference (LEM) was intended to educate members of the media, government, and private sector contractors about one of history's most ambitious undertakings. Within its pages you'll find general information about the Apollo Program, and a detailed examination of the Lunar Excursion Module and crew extra-vehicular activity procedures and equipment. (A companion book that focuses on the CM is also available.) Scores of photos and diagrams accompany the easy-to-understand text. Chapters include: Introduction, Mission Description, Apollo Spacecraft, Lunar Module, Crew Personal Equipment, Environmental Control, Control and Displays, Guidance, Navigation, and Control, Main Propulsion, Reaction Control, Electrical Power, Communications, Instrumentation, Lighting, Portable Life Support System, Biographies, Grumman Aircraft Corp., Brief History of the LM, LM Manufacturing, Glossary, Contractors, The Moon (chapter written by Richard C. Hoagland), Index, and the LM Anatomy Booklet (reprinted in black and white). It also includes a fascinating chapter about ""LM Derivatives"", showing how variations of the LM could have been built and flown in support of a wide variety of missions. Although it may be one of the most complete studies of the systems and technology that made landing on the Moon possible, it's never been easy to find copies of this text because copies were never widely released -- until now. This reprint is of an edition featuring a mission similar to Apollo 15, 16 or 17, with astronauts performing three 7-hour EVAs using the Lunar Roving Vehicle. It features all the original text, diagrams and photos. It's a wonderful reference for the space flight fan, docent or engineering buff or for anyone else who ever wondered, ""How'd they do that

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