Etta Semple: : Kansas Freethinker and "Ideal" Woman (Paperback)

Etta Semple: : Kansas Freethinker and
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A timely biography of a woman of extraordinary curiosity, sensitivity and conviction, Etta Semple (1855-1914) was a member of the Freethought Movement of the 19th century and the Editor of a Freethought Newspaper. She was a vocal advocate for the separation of church and state, lambasted religious dogma as the basis of women's inequality in society, and defended the rights of laborers at the height of the Gilded Age. Unfortunately, Etta's efforts to change American culture is still unresolved as the debate over religion in politics, the autonomy of American women and the dignity of workers to make a living wage, continue to be issues disputed today.

About the Author

VICKIE SANDELL STANGL is a passionate advocate for women and church-state separation. As the founder and president of the Great Plains Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, she is dedicated to educating citizens about the dangers of religion in government. Stangl began her love of policy and politics while in college; however, her heart was engaged from an early age in fighting inequities in America. As an educator, Stangl first taught middle and high school history in Virginia, served as a Legislative Aide in the Virginia General Assembly and was co-founder of the Richmond, VA group, ERA-YES! After moving to Kansas she continued her advocacy work with the League of Women Voters, taught political science at Wichita State University, and was president of Wichita NOW.

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ISBN: 9781892324153
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Publisher: Adriel Publishing
Publication Date: May 4th, 2015
Pages: 250
Language: English