Exit 14 (Paperback)

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Life couldn't be more confusing for high school sophomore Gabriel DeMarco as he approaches his sixteenth birthday in 1968. In the midst of growing up in a turbulent era which seems less and less stable with each passing day, Gabriel struggles with understanding the world and where he fits in. At least one thing is clear, though. The best way for Gabriel to get from one place to another is simple: the Power of the Thumb. But life gets even more confusing when Gabriel is picked up hitchhiking home from work by an intoxicated senior from a neighboring town -- Daryl Novak, arguably the state's finest all-around athlete. In the ensuing weeks and months, fateful circumstances draw the introspective Gabriel and the troubled Daryl closer together. Quickly the two boys come to depend on each other. But little does Daryl know that Gabriel has a secret connection to him. And little does Gabriel know that his improbable new friendship with Daryl is one that will change him forever.Exit 14 is Gary Scarpa's debut novel. A retired educator and theatre founder, Gary divides his time between writing and his other great passion, music. A child of the 1960s, he continues to explore his relationship to art, spirituality, and politics in an effort to understand the impact these have had and continue to have on his life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736514603
ISBN-10: 1736514601
Publisher: Scarpa Enterprises LLC
Publication Date: April 5th, 2021
Pages: 334
Language: English