The Black Art of War: Hannibal's 99 Truths (Paperback)

The Black Art of War: Hannibal's 99 Truths By III Peterson, James W. Cover Image
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HANNIBAL THE CONQUEROR is the greatest military strategist to ever come out of Africa And come out of Africa he did...with sword swinging Hannibal is the only general ever to INVADE the mighty ROMAN EMPIRE and come away smiling Now see how and why: - The 99 "TRUTHS" that make up HANNIBAL's BLACK ART OF WAR have been compared to the classic writings of history's other great WARRIORS & STRATEGISTS: SUN TZU (The Art of War), Japan's Samurai swordmaster Miyamoto Musashi (A Book of Five Rings), and MACHIAVELLI (The Prince). - Down through the ages Hannibal's victories have helped inspire the conquest and cunning of other African heroes and conquerors from KING ANTAR; QUEEN CLEOPATRA of Egypt; PRINCE JUGURTHA, slave revolt leader NAT TURNER, and African Emperors SHAKA ZULU and HAILE SALLASIE - Still today, HANNIBAL'S 99 TRUTHS continue to inspire the wit and wisdom and winning strategies of MODERN-DAY MOVERS & SHAKERS, ENTREPRENEURS, SPORTS STARS & ENTERTAINERS: from Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, to modern-day generals like Colin Powell. -Here in his "99 TRUTHS" are revealed Hannibal's thoughts and strategies on: How to MAKE YOURSELF STRONGER & SMARTER ***** How to GATHER & USE INTELLIGENCE ***** The Truth about ENEMIES & AMBITION ***** The truth about PEACE...and How to Make WAR ***** The Truth about HONOR and When and How to take REVENGE ***** The Truth about the Nature of People ***** The Truth about Nature of The Gods ***** The importance of FAMILY & FRIENDS (Why it's important to have a good "POSSE" ) ***** Finding LOVE...and not letting DEATH find YOU.

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ISBN: 9781728339344
ISBN-10: 1728339340
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: May 18th, 2020
Pages: 266
Language: English