What Really Causes Global Warming?: Greenhouse Gases or Ozone Depletion? (Paperback)

What Really Causes Global Warming?: Greenhouse Gases or Ozone Depletion? Cover Image
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Earth's temperature is determined by the thickness of the ozone layer. When this layer is depleted, more solar ultraviolet radiation reaches Earth, increasing temperatures. The ozone layer has been depleted since the 1960s by human-manufactured gases and since 2014 by extensive lava flows from Baroarbunga volcano in central Iceland. What Really Causes Global Warming shows that the greenhouse warming theory cannot explain recent climate change. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions would be a total waste of money.

About the Author

Dr. Peter Langdon Wardspent twenty-seven years with the United States Geological Survey as a research geophysicist, branch chief, and program manager, and as a specialist in helping people adapt to the risks from natural hazards that they and their families face. He chaired a committee on disaster warning at the White House, published more than fifty scientific papers, and has been featured on Good Morning America and many regional news programs. For the past nine years, he has worked to resolve several enigmatic observations related to climate change."
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ISBN: 9781630477981
ISBN-10: 1630477982
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2015
Pages: 268
Language: English