Gina Gerson: Success through Inner Power and Sexuality (Hardcover)

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Born in a small town in Siberia in Russia in 1991, Valentina Dzherson learned early in life to overcome any challenges she faced. A determined young woman who knew that she was destined for success, she was accepted into one of Russia's most prestigious faculties for preparing future diplomats, but instead, she decided to study foreign languages. While a student, circumstances intervened and led her to begin a career in adult entertainment. She soon left her native Russia and moved to Hungary where she turned this career choice into her own hugely successful business venture. To the world, she became known as Gina Gerson, one of the most popular and successful adult performers of the twenty-first century.

In her book, Gina Gerson - Success through Inner Power and Sexuality, Valentina tells her life story. But more than just recounting her biography, she shares, for the first time, the secrets of her success. She reveals to the reader how to harness your inner power, maintain the necessary discipline, and take the steps needed to realize your dreams for a successful and happy life. For Valentina, sexuality is the most powerful force in the world, and she shows how, by tapping into that energy and realizing its potential, incredible results can be achieved by anyone in any area of life.

As a successful entrepreneur and one of the most popular personalities in adult entertainment, Valentina Dzherson explains what she refers to as her "superpower" - mental, spiritual, and social confidence that allows one to be free, confident, relaxed, and happy. She discusses how sexuality led her to achieve fame and success and she shows how, if one properly trains their mind, anyone can harness that same energy and build the confidence necessary to achieve success in all aspects of life. As Valentina says, "No one can have power over you if you have power over yourself." In this unique autobiography, Valentina shares her colorful life story and reveals how her strong personality, self-confidence, passion, and sexuality led to her incredible success. But she goes one step further and she explains how these same methods can inspire others and help them to improve their own lives by achieving success and peace of mind.

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ISBN: 9781592110476
ISBN-10: 1592110479
Publisher: Prende Publishing
Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Pages: 234
Language: English