Fallen Star: A biography of Gail Russell (Paperback)

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The unforgettable story of Gail Russell (1924-1961), Hollywood"s Forgotten Legend,
who rose from high school obscurity to become one of Paramount Studios major
stars during the 1940's. Her fabled discovery by Paramount Talent Head William
Meiklejohn in 1942 has become one of the most legendary tales in Hollywood
history. Here is the in depth story of the long forgotten Paramount star whose beauty
was rare, even by Hollywood standards. The shy actress with the lovely blue eyes,
and the luxurious, raven black hair whose face, when in repose, always had a haunting
sadness. Gail Russell's story is taken from old newspaper and magazine accounts
taken during her lifetime. Interviews with Gail Russell's mother, those people whom
worked with her during her movie career, and especially with those interviews with Gail
Russell personally. It is a unique and vivid tale of a young girl who possessed the beauty
of a movie star, but tragically, not the temperament.

The book also contains over 100 photos from Gail's life and movie career.

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ISBN: 9780692637715
ISBN-10: 0692637710
Publisher: Steven Glenn Ochoa
Publication Date: February 8th, 2016
Pages: 246
Language: English