Black Wave

Michelle Tea’s Black Wave is like no other apocalyptic novel you’ve seen. Its first half is a shaggy, charming, queer coming-of-age story set in 1990s San Francisco that feels (appealingly) like Elieen Myles. Think Chelsea Girls goes west. After slash-and-burning her bridges with friends and lovers, though, protagonist Michelle moves to Los Angeles. Upon arrival, Michelle promptly finds out the world will end in a year. What follows is a lyrical meditation on the environment, dreams, and love anchored by a feminist, ecological sensibility. The book is by turns hilarious (Michelle has a tryst with Matt Dillon, a love scene for the ages) and heartfelt (her relationship with her brother is achingly lovely). Black Wave starts as an intimate story and ends as a memorably distorted mirror held up to our world. Recommended by Danny Caine.

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ISBN: 9781558619395
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Published: Amethyst Editions - September 13th, 2016

"A Gen-X queer girl's version of the bohemian counter-canon." --New York Times