About the Raven

The Raven Book Store was founded in 1987 as a mystery-specialty store, and it retains a strong mystery section to this day with additional specialties in fiction, poetry, current events, and environmental writing. Once one of several bookstores in Downtown Lawrence, the Raven survived a difficult period across the street from a Borders superstore and now is Lawrence's new general-interest bookstore.

In recent years, the Raven has become known for online small business advocacy through viral tweets, various media appearances, and a growing collection of activist zines

We're proud to partner with many arts organizations in Lawrence, including Lawrence Public Library, Lawrence Arts Center, The Commons, Haskell Indian Nations University, the Watkins Museum of History, and many more. The Raven is a founding partner in the Paper Plains Literary Festival

The Raven believes that reading books won't fix the world's problems, but the empathy and knowledge gained from reading can be a good start. 

The Raven believes that Amazon is bad and the United States Postal Service is good. 

The Raven believes that small businesses and independent bookstores are vital to their communities. 

Oh yeah, we have two store cats, Dashiell and Ngaio. Here, you can have a few cat photos, as a treat: