2023 Raven Book Store Holiday Gift Guide

The Raven booksellers have a lil somethin' special...OUR VERY OWN 2023 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, MADE JUST FOR YOU!!!

This gift guide is super extra special because it's our very FIRST house-made guide that we've printed en masse for y'all. It was designed by a bookseller, with books chosen entirely by the booksellers, and is being handed out by none other than your extraordinary local booksellers. Plus, we owe a special thank you to Minuteman Press, a local, sustainable, and woman-owned business that worked tirelessly with us to create the perfect ode to books.

So, let's answer one question you've got and one you didn't even know you had! Yes, you can get these bad boys in store! They're available at the front register, and we're sending them out with some online orders—if you want one in your order, feel free to specify that in the comments so we don't accidentally skip you over! You can also read a digital version online here, or check out the catalog on our website for easy ordering here.

Secondly, yes of course there's a coupon for 10% off one of the books featured in the gift guide! What do you think we are? Monsters?

We hope you have as much fun perusing this little ditty as we had making it. Within these pages, you'll find selections for sports lovers, SFF series fanatics, picky kiddos, and on and on. Seriously, if you can't find something for the loved one in your life, you must face the music and accept they just don't like reading.

Happy holiday shopping!