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Raven Bookstore Merch

We don't just sell books at the Raven Bookstore (although yes, that's definitely our thing). We carry a variety of other goodies you can find in store as well. Here you'll find a sampling of our store merchandise, specifically, which you can buy online or in store.

SKU: 0007

Make a (good) statement while reading your favorite books, running errands, exercising your civic rights, etc.

The statement (and sentiment) remains very much the same, but the design is changed! Made in a rich green color and with slightly thicker letters.

Ngaio is absolutely thrilled to show off our new "Make America Read Again" bumper sticker! We understand not everyone is a hat person, so we figured this was the next best thing.

SKU: 0004

Our new store-brand mugs are for sale! We hear they make for great holiday gifts. (Or anytime gifts.) Just saying...

SKU: 0005

The Groucho Marx mugs are back, by popular demand! We like to keep some classics in stock at the store, and that includes our non-book items too.

Our store shirt now comes in Jayhawk colors! (Except for the yellow, of course, but you have to admit the blue and red look great.)

Our classic Raven Book Store t-shirt now comes in green. Supplies are limited, so grab one while you can!

SKU: 0001

This tote bag bears the classic Raven Book Store logo! An always classy choice. Also useful: imagine how many books you could fit inside it...

SKU: 0002

Can you believe the Raven Book Store is already in its 30th year of service? Seems like only yesterday our doors and covers opened for the first time. Naturally, we made a special tote bag to mark the occasion!

It means exactly what it says.

You can buy up to 10 stickers in one order. In addition to in-store pickup, you can also have your stickers shipped to you for a flat shipping fee of $1.