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Reading: David Carter

In Unholy Rebellion: The Civil War Diary of Charles Adam Wetherbee, Carter tracks the life of Charles Adam Wetherbee, who by 1861, had officially traded his comfortable life as a college student for one that included drafty Sibley tents, long marches in weather and wilderness of all kinds, and bloodshed. A Union infantryman with the Thirty-Fourth Illinois Volunteer Regiment, he survived the battles of Shiloh, Stones River, Liberty Gap, Atlanta, and others. 

One hundred years later, a tattered and faded diary was found at a home in Lawrence, Kansas. The homeowner opened its pages and was astonished to discover that Wetherbee had penned every detail of his daily life during the Civil War. The Civil War Diary of Charles Adam Wetherbee is not merely fodder for late night reading nor is it a book that will be tossed aside only to be recovered for bouts of boredom. Wetherbee’s narrative is both interesting and informative. It presents a realistic view of what a soldier’s life entailed, as the reader is thrust into the firsthand drama of the Civil War as it was endured by enlisted participants.

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